Picture of AlphaSat® with Vectra® AlphaSorb® 10

AlphaSat® with Vectra® AlphaSorb® 10

Low-particle pre-wetted wiper.

AlphaSat® with Vectra® AlphaSorb®10 incorporates Texwipe’s ultraclean AlphaSorb 10 sealed-border wipers with 10% semiconductor-grade isopropyl alcohol (IPA) in an easy-to-use flatpack package.

Chosen for their ultralow particle-generating characteristics and low extractable levels, these wipers offer superior strength in a continuous-filament knitted substrate. This substrate is pre-wetted with a 0.2 μm filtered, isopropyl alcohol (semiconductor grade) and deionized water.

AlphaSat with Vectra AlphaSorb 10 wipers are packaged in a cleanroom environment and are protected in a sealed outer bag for contamination-free introduction into the cleanroom.


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Product Number Description Packaging Availability
Picture of AlphaSat® with Vectra® AlphaSorb® 10 TX1057
9" x 9" (23 cm x 23 cm)
9" x 9" AlphaSorb® 10 polyester wipers 40 wipers/reclosable bag 12 bags/case 480 wipers total More Info