Revolve™ Sustainable Products

Revolve™ Sustainable Products

The Revolve™ line of sustainable cleanroom products by Texwipe® (patent pending) is an evolutionary innovation in the way polyester wipers and mop covers are manufactured.

Until the introduction of the Revolve™ line of products, polyester (PET) yarn has always been manufactured from virgin material.  In contrast, the Revolve™ line of cleanroom consumable products are made from post-consumer polyester (rPET) yarn made by upcycling plastic water bottles.

Texwipe® did extensive research on the performance characteristics of rPET-made polyester compared to virgin polyester material.  The rPET materials were processed through Texwipe's manufacturing lines and demonstrated comparable properties as virgin material.

With these results, a new line of sustainable products was born, culminating in the launch of Revolve™.

Revolve™ products contribute to sustainability goalsreducing the amount of post-consumer water bottles going into landfills and reducing the level of carbon emissions.

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