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Revolve™ Sustainable Products

Revolve™ Sustainable Products

The Revolve™ line of sustainable cleanroom products by Texwipe® (patent pending) is an evolutionary innovation in the way polyester wipers and mop covers are manufactured.

Until the introduction of the Revolve™ line of products, polyester (PET) yarn has always been manufactured from virgin material.  In contrast, the Revolve™ line of cleanroom consumable products are made from post-consumer polyester (rPET) yarn made by upcycling plastic water bottles.

Texwipe® did extensive research on the performance characteristics of rPET-made polyester compared to virgin polyester material.  The rPET materials were processed through Texwipe's manufacturing lines and demonstrated comparable properties as virgin material.

With these results, a new line of sustainable products was born, culminating in the launch of Revolve™.

Revolve™ products contribute to sustainability goalsreducing the amount of post-consumer water bottles going into landfills and reducing the level of carbon emissions.

Calculate your potential greenhouse gas emission savings below.

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Revolve products are the first cleanroom products made from upcycled polyester. Polyester cleanroom wipes have traditionally been made from virgin polyester. The Revolve product line uses upcycled post-consumer water bottles instead. With over 55 years of experience in wiper manufacturing, Texwipe has been an innovation leader for the cleanroom industry. The Revolve line of products features cleanliness, sorption rate and capacity, particles and fibers, ions and non-volatile residues comparable to products made from virgin polyester and boasts the same level of performance.
No. Revolve products are made from post-consumer water bottles. The plastic bottles are cleaned, ground, and melted to create a polyester yarn that is used in the regular knitting process to make fabric used to form wipers and mop covers.
Several steps in the manufacturing process ensure Revolve products are clean. The collected bottles are sorted, ground, washed at 194°F (90°C), repolymerized, and extruded at 550°F into yarn. The temperature exposure during these steps ensures that all possible microbes are killed. During Texwipe's manufacturing process, the fabric is further processed to remove any remaining contaminants.
For the most critical sterile applications, Revolve offers a range of sterile products that are gamma-irradiated and validated to a sterility assurance level of 10-6 according to AAMI guidelines.
In tests measuring absorbency (sorption rate and capacity), particles and fibers, ions, and nonvolatile residue, Revolve polyester cleanroom wipes display performance characteristics similar to wipers made from virgin polyester and conform to the industry's standards for virgin polyester wipes.
Yes. The Revolve™ product line uses clean, upcycled polyester yarn to make wipers and mops that meet industry standards for cleanliness and performance. Use these products just like you would use any other wiper or mop into your cleanroom or controlled environment - from ISO Class 3 - 7, or Class 1 - 10,000, or EU Grade A - D and below.
No. The used wipers should be discarded according to your facility's SOP, and local, State and Federal guidelines and regulations.
Yes. The Revolve line of products are made from upcycled post-consumer water bottles. Reusing these polyester polymers, saving the number of post-consumer bottles indicated on each Revolve™ product bag from the landfill and making our planet cleaner.
Every bag of Revolve™ product indicates the number of bottles needed to make it. For example, 47 water bottles are required to make one bag of TX1709 wipers.The number of water bottles may seem large but that is because there is not much polyester in a bottle to be made into yarn and Texwipe does not add any other types of yarn into the fabric.