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Medical Device

Medical Device

Medical devices include a wide range of medical instruments, implants and machines used in the treatment, diagnosis or prevention of disease in man or animals. They do not achieve their primary intended use through chemical action within the body.

Medical device manufacturing is often conducted in ISO Class 7 or higher, non-aseptic controlled environments.

Whether your medical device is targeted for cardiovascular, orthopedic, surgical or diagnostic purposes, the cleanroom must be maintained through validated cleaning protocols that include wiping and mopping.


Texwipe® offers a full range of contamination control products for the medical device industry including wipers, pre-wetted wipers, sterile alcohol, swabs, mops, cleanroom stationery and contamination control mats.

Texwipe products recommended for the Medical Device industry are:

  • Wipers - Dry, Pre-Wetted and Sterile. Since wipers often contact the device, the focus should be on visible fibers, final cleaning and terminal sterilization. Polyester knits are preferred for ISO class 3-5 areas; polyester/cellulose and polypropylene nonwoven wipers may be used in ISO Class 7 areas.
  • Sterile IPA - Trigger Spray and Bulk
  • swabs - Cleaning Validation swabs and TOC Cleaning Validation Kits are also available.
  • Cleanroom Mops - Large Surface, Small Surface and replacement covers. Cleanroom Paper
  • Adhesive Mats
  • Cleanroom Labels - including an Autoclavable Label

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