Aerospace / Aviation

Aerospace / Aviation

When clean is beyond critical.

Any company can reach critical clean specifications but, when clean is beyond critical, we are here.

Since 1964, we’ve continued to advance the industry standard with cleaner materials for maximum particle control, higher durability, top-performing sorbency and chemical resistance, and products developed singularly for aerospace applications. We have a wide selection of products for the Aerospace, Aviation and MRO industries.

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Texwipe Recommended ProductsDescription
Solvent Wipers Icon Solvent Wipers QPL Listed IPA wipers. 
 Dry Wipers Icon    Dry Wipers Variety of substrates and sizes ideal for aerospace and aviation applications
Pre-Wetted Wipers Icon Pre-Wetted Wipers     Variety of substrates and sizes ideal for aerospace and aviation applications, pre-saturated with IPA.
Swabs Icon swabs Ultra-clean polyester and foam
Mops Icon Mops Floors, crevices and everywhere in between. Featuring a complete selection of replacement covers, handles and kits. 
Mats Icon Adhesive Mats Frame and No-frame models
Cleanroom Labels Icon Labels Direct Thermal, Gloss, Matte
Tapes Icon Tapes Polyethylene and Vinyl tapes in a variety of materials, sizes and colors.