Picture of BetaMop™ TX1722 Revolve™ Sustainable String Mop Refills, Non-Sterile
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BetaMop™ TX1722 Revolve™ Sustainable String Mop Refills, Non-Sterile

Revolve™ sustainable string mop refills, designed for the cleanroom industry, are made from 100% upcycled polyester material. Revolve™ string mops contribute to sustainability goals, reducing the amount of post-consumer water bottles going into landfill and reducing the level of carbon emissions. Capacity: 1.5 liters/head.

Compatible with any BetaMop™ hardware.

Every bag of Revolve™ product indicates the number of post-consumer water bottles used to make it. Seventeen water bottles are required to make one bag of TX1722 mop refills.

By using the Revolve™ products, your company will participate in the reuse of the polyester polymer, saving the number of bottles indicated on each Revolve™ product bag from going into landfill.

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Part Number: TX1722

$154.20 / Case

Product Specs

Inner Bags: 1 mop head refill/bag, double-bagged Outer Bags: 6 bags/case


  • Cleaning floors in critical environments 
  • Applying and removing solutions and disinfectants

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