Picture of Vectra® Quantum® 100

Vectra® Quantum® 100

High Absorbency and Soft Texture.

The sealed-border wiper is the premium double-knit polyester, single-ply wiper for critical cleaning applications in ISO Class 3 to 5 manufacturing environments. 100% synthetic fiber construction, continuous-filament, double-knit polyester fabric.

The unique fiber and knit structure create the highest absorbency and the softest texture of all single-ply, sealed-border wipers. All four edges of the wiper are sealed to prevent the release of fibers and particles.

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Product Number Description Packaging Availability
Picture of Vectra® Quantum® 100 TX1029
9" x 9" (23 cm x 23 cm)
9" x 9" Continuous-filament, double-knit polyester 100 wipers/bag (2 inner bags of 50 wipers) 10 bags/case 1,000 wipers total/case More Info