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Texwipe's Revolve™ product line is revolutionizing the cleanroom industry by introducing the first cleanroom products made from upcycled polyester. This blog post will explore why Revolve™ is considered a groundbreaking innovation and how it contributes to sustainability in the cleanroom environment.

Unleashing the Power of Upcycled Polyester:

Traditionally, the manufacturing of polyester wipers relied on virgin polyester. However, Texwipe's Revolve™ line is breaking new ground by utilizing upcycled post-consumer water bottles. High-quality polyester yarn is created through an intricate process of cleaning, grinding, and melting the bottles. This yarn is used in the regular knitting process to form the fabric used for Revolve™ wipers and mop covers.

Revolve™: Cleanliness and Performance at Par:

Texwipe has not compromised on performance regarding the Revolve™ line of products. Extensive research and development efforts have ensured that Revolve™ wipers offer the same cleanliness, sorption rate, capacity, particle and fiber control, and the absence of ions and nonvolatile residues compared to wipers made from virgin polyester. Texwipe's commitment to maintaining the highest industry standards has made Revolve™ a reliable choice for cleanroom applications.

Ensuring Microbial Cleanliness:

One might wonder if Revolve™, made from upcycled bottles, can guarantee microbial cleanliness for sensitive environments. Texwipe leaves no stone unturned in the manufacturing process to ensure the highest level of cleanliness. The collected bottles undergo sorting, washing at high temperatures, repolymerization, and extruding, eliminating all possible microbes. Furthermore, Texwipe's meticulous fabric processing further eliminates any remaining contaminants. For the most critical sterile applications, Revolve™ offers a range of sterile products that are gamma-irradiated and validated to a sterility assurance level of 10-6 as per AAMI guidelines.

Performance on Par with Virgin Polyester:

Revolve™ has undergone rigorous testing to assess its performance characteristics, such as absorbency (sorption rate and sorption capacity), particle and fiber control, and ions and nonvolatile residue levels. The results have shown that Revolve™ wipers perform comparably to wipers made from virgin polyester, adhering to industry standards for cleanliness and performance. This ensures that Revolve™ can be trusted for even the most critical and demanding cleanroom applications.

A Sustainable Solution for the Future:

One of the most significant advantages of Revolve™ is its sustainability. By using upcycled post-consumer water bottles, the Revolve™ line contributes to the reuse of polyester polymers, thus reducing the number of bottles destined for landfills. Each Revolve™ product bag proudly displays the number of bottles required to manufacture it, serving as a testament to the positive environmental impact.


The innovation lies at the core of Texwipe's commitment to the cleanroom industry. The Revolve™ line represents a significant breakthrough by introducing upcycled polyester wipers. With performance characteristics on par with virgin polyester, Revolve™ offers a sustainable and reliable solution for various cleanroom applications. By choosing Revolve™, you embrace innovation and actively participate in creating a cleaner and more sustainable future.

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