Closed Sterile TexCap
Closed Sterile TexCap
Open Sterile TexCap
Sterile TexCap on TX3270 bottle

TexCaps, Sterile Bottle Caps, TX001

Texwipe's TexCaps, Sterile Bottle Caps, are designed to fit any Texwipe 8, 16 or 32 oz. spray bottle.  The caps offer a pouring option for disinfectants or cleaning solutions where there is a concern of contamination due to spray.  The TexCaps have a No-Touch design that allows for easy, one-finger opening and closing operation between uses without touching and contaminatiing the pour spout.

The caps fit any 28/400 thread bottle.

The caps are gamma-irradiated according to AAMI guidelines to the sterility assurance level of 10-6, validated for sterility, and tested for endotoxins. Double-bagged for an easier introduction into sterile areas. The plastic case liner serves as a third bag, offering more protection for contamination prevention.

Part Number: TX001

€25.94 / Case

Product Specs

Sterile/Non-Sterile: Sterile Inner Bags: 3 inner bags of 4 caps each Outer Bags: 4 bags of 12 caps Packaging: 48 caps total per case


  • Offer an option for pouring disinfectant, cleaning solution or water onto wipers or mops in areas where spraying is a concern.
  • Caps have a flip-top opening that allows for easy, one-finger opening and closing without touching and contaminating the pour spout.
  • Use on any Texwipe 8,16 or 32 oz. spray bottle. (TX8270, TX3270, TX3273, TX687, TX3265, TX3267, TX650)
  • Fits ANY 28/400 thread bottle.

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