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Picture of TexWrite® TX5708
Picture of TexWrite® TX5708
Picture of TexWrite® TX5708

TexWrite® TX5708

TexWrite® 22 Cleanroom Notebooks are designed to serve as a legal document.

These hard-bound notebooks contain dual signature lines at the base of each page as well as project and notebook number identification at the top. Each page is individually numbered. An index allows for the identification of each page for quick data retrieval.

The pages of the notebook are sewn with silicone free thread and the covers are protected with a Mylar® gloss film laminate. All notebooks are cleaned and double packaged in a cleanroom environment.

These features provide security to support Good Laboratory Practices (GLP) for documentation in critical laboratory and manufacturing environments. 

Material/Structure: Silicone-free thread, low particle cleanroom paper.

Cleanroom Envionment: ISO Class 3 - 8, Class 1 - 100,000, EU Grade A - D.


  • Sewn, permanent bound flexi-cover with a chemical-resistant Mylar® sealed cover makes this notebook durable for data and note retention.
  • Easy notebook identification with each notebook having 96 numbered pages, dual “signature” and “date” lines and project and notebook lines.
  • Made with low particle cleanroom paper that has been cleanroom processed and packaged. Minimal contamination from particles and fibers.
  • Legal means of documentation, assures research and data integrity and supports Good Laboratory Practices (GLP) for documentation.
  • Indexed for easy data retrieval.
  • Autoclaving NOT recommended.


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Part Number: TX5708

$284.79 / Case

Product Specs

Packaging: 10 notebooks/box(case)


  • Laboratory notebook
  • Critical recordkeeping
  • Legal recording

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