Picture of Precision Nylon TX730

Precision Nylon TX730

Swab and Tool

Precision Nylon Swab cleans extremely small areas. It features a 0.9 mm diameter tip constructed of bundled nylon fibers. This configuration provides capillary capabilities to absorb and apply small amounts of solvents and solutions.

Part No.Head WidthHead ThicknessHead LengthHandle WidthHandle ThicknessHandle LengthTotal Swab Length
TX730 0.8mm (0.031") 0.8mm (0.031") 15.5mm (0.610") 2.8mm (0.110") 2.8mm (0.110") 152.5mm (6.004") 168.0mm (6.614")

Part Number: TX730

€198.05 / Case

Product Specs

Inner Bags: 50 swabs/box Outer Bags: 10 boxes/case Materials: 500 swabs total/case


  • Gentle picking of stubborn stuck-on contaminants
  • Pinpoint application of solvents and adhesives and lubricants
  • Cleaning of grooves, tracks, slots and other small spaces
  • Removing excess solvent in confined spaces
  • Wire manipulation

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