Texwipe® offers a full range of contamination control products for pharmaceutical and biotechnology manufacturing and laboratories including wipers, pre-wetted wipers, sterile alcohol, swabs, mops, cleanroom stationery and contamination control mats/

Our products will help you maintain the integrity of your laboratory by providing contamination control and peace of mind so you can focus on your research.

  • Cleaning Validation swabs
  • Disinfectants
  • Adhesive Mats
  • Mops
  • Dry Wipers
  • Pre-wetted Wipers

Cleaning Validation swabs

Cleaning Validation swabs - Polyester swab, with trademarked green handle, for cleaning validation using analytical techniques such as HPLC and UV/Visible spectroscopy
Alpha® Sampling Swab - TX715
Large Alpha® Swab - TX714A

TOC Cleaning Validation Kits - Designed to simplify sampling for cleaning validation
TOC Cleaning Validation Kits - TX3340


BruClean - TX6466
TexQ - TX650 & TX651

Dry Wipers

Blended Nonwoven Wipers - Hydroentangled, polyester/cellulose blends for use in areas where moderate contamination control is required
BlueWipe® - TX512
TechniCloth® - TX609
VersaWipe® - TX629

Synthetic Wipers - Cut, laundered and cleanroom packaged wipers for critical environments
AlphaWipe® - TX1004 and TX1009


Contamination Control Mats - Adhesive-coated mats that capture particulates from foot-traffic and equipment wheels before they can get tracked into the cleanroom


AlphaMop - Polyester, microdenier and sterile mop covers and mop hardware specifically designed for ultraclean enviroments
Mini AlphaMop - Polyester, microdenier and sterile mop covers and hardware designed to facilitate cleaning in hard-to-reach places

Pre-wetted Wipers

Sterile Pre-wetted Wipers - Sterile wipes pre-wetted with 70% isopropyl alcohol (IPA) and deionized water (DIW)
Sterile AlphaSat® 10 - TX3285
Sterile AlphaSat® 10 with WFI - TX3280

Cleanroom Pre-wetted Wipers - Wipers pre-wetted with cleaning solutions and packaged in a variety of convenient dispensers for use inside and outside the cleanroom
PolySat® - TX1051
TechniSat® - TX1041, TX1045 and TX1065