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Hazardous Drugs Removal

Hazardous Drugs Removal

For hazardous drugs decontamination and disinfection use TX650 TexQ® DisinfectantSterile, Ready-to use solution in a 22-ounce (oz) bottle.

TexQ was proven to remove 99.99% of hazardous drugs from surfaces as part of a decontamination protocol.

TexQ is safe for personnel and does not have a harsh smell. Its pH range is 8 – 11, which will not corrode your stainless-steel surfaces like peroxides (pH 1.5-3, very acidic) or bleach (pH ~13, very alkaline). Additionally, TexQ TX650 is an EPA-registered disinfectant with 59 kill claims against bacteria, viruses, and fungi.

There are four (4) steps in the Decontamination and Disinfection Protocol:

Step 1. Wiping with TexQ TX650

Step 2. Wiping with IPA pre-wetted wipers

Step 3. Wiping with TexQ TX650

Step 4. Wiping with IPA pre-wetted wipers

During the second TexQ application (Step 3), leave the surface wet for 10 minutes to kill all bacteria, viruses, and fungi listed on the TexQ TX650 label.

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