AlphaMop™ TX7118M

AlphaMop™ Microdenier Covers, Non-sterile TX7118M

Works with TX7108, TX7108A

Microdenier Replacement Mop Covers feature 100% polyester to provide lower particles and fibers.

  • Traps and keeps: microdenier fabric captures contaminants, as small as microbes, and lifts them away
  • Works well with disinfectants: scrapes off residue left behind
  • 98% bacterial contaminant reduction

Part Number: TX7118M

€500.62 / Case

Product Specs

Sterile/Non-Sterile: Non-Sterile Materials: Microdenier Inner Bags: 25 mop covers and 1 pad/bag Outer Bags: 6 bags/case Packaging: 150 mop covers and 6 polyester pads/case


  • Cleaning walls, ceilings and floors
  • Applying and removing solutions including disinfectants
  • Ideal for use with common disinfectants and cleaners, including Texwipe’s TexQ
  • ISO Class 3 - 7 environments

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