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Texwipe® offers a complete line of mops.  The TexMop™ is a flat mop ideal for cleaning surfaces such as ceiling, floors, walls and hard-to-reach.  Available as an 8" head for use with Texwipe's 9" x 9" (23 cm x 23 cm) wipers.

Features & Benefits

• Low profile, swivel head with lightweight handles enables easier cleaning.

• The TexStar Connector system adapter allows for replacement of wipers easily and frequently adhering to strict cleaning protocols.

• Stainless steel

• Can be used with Texwipe's complete line of TexMop™ Mop Handles

• Replacement pads and fasteners available.

• Texwipe's wipers provide the cleanest substrates available for cleaning walls, floors and ceilings.

• Lightweight, ergonomic, stable design


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